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If you need to know how much something is worth, Appraise EZ is your go-to in Leisure World, MD. We’ve got the experience, we know the area in Montgomery County, and we handle all sorts of items – houses, buildings, antiques, you name it. Our team takes the time to look at everything carefully to give you a value you can count on, whether you’re selling, buying, or just need to know for your records.

We start with a good talk to figure out what you’re after, then we dive deep into research and use the latest methods to determine the value. We keep up with the market changes in Leisure World, MD to make sure our numbers are spot on. With Appraise EZ, you’re getting more than just a figure; you’re getting the peace of mind that comes from knowing your appraisal is done right.

At Appraise EZ, we take your trust seriously. We’re all about being open and doing things by the book. We make sure that when we say something’s worth a certain amount, that’s a number you can take to the bank. So when you’re looking for someone to value your stuff, we’re ready to roll up our sleeves and get the job done properly.

Accuracy Guaranteed: With Appraise EZ, rest assured that your appraisal in Leisure World, MD, will be handled with precision and a commitment to accuracy.
Ethical Standards: We uphold the highest ethical standards, ensuring that every valuation by Appraise EZ is unbiased and reflective of current market conditions in Montgomery County.
Customer Satisfaction: At Appraise EZ, customer satisfaction is paramount. We aim to exceed expectations, making us a trusted name in appraisal services across Montgomery County.
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Picking an appraiser is a big deal, and here at Appraise EZ in Leisure World, MD, we’ve got a track record of getting it right. Our team in Montgomery County knows this place like the back of their hand, and that local know-how means we give you appraisals that really reflect what’s going on in the market. And when you call us at 410-988-2259, you’re getting a pro who’s all in to make sure you get the clear, accurate information you need.

What we offer is personalized. We get that every situation is different, and we’re ready to listen and adapt. We pay attention to every little detail and gather all the facts before we make a call on the value. And we’re always here to chat if you have questions before, during, or after the appraisal. It’s about giving you confidence in the number we provide, and that’s why people in Leisure World, MD keep coming back to us.

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Understanding the Appraisal Process

At Appraise EZ, we’re all about making the appraisal process straightforward and clear. It starts with a conversation. We listen to what you need and talk you through how we can help. It’s about making sure we’re on the same page from the get-go and that you’re comfortable with the steps we’re going to take.

Our team has a solid system for evaluating things. We look at the market, check out your item or property in Montgomery County thoroughly, and use tools that help us be precise. This way, we make sure you’re getting a fair and unbiased figure. Keeping up with the latest in the market is part of our job, so the value we give you is as accurate as it can be, reflecting today’s economy in Leisure World, MD.

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In 1963, developer Ross Cortese applied for a zoning amendment in order to build a 1,000-acre community of semi-detached homes, townhouses, and apartment buildings south of Norbeck, Maryland. Cortese’s company had acquired the option to buy the 1,000 acres of land, formerly known as the Nash tract, for $5,000,000, and Cortese expected it would cost another $750,000 to build the development according to the plans. The development would be restricted to residents who are at least 52 years old. Cortese planned to build , a swimming pool, riding stables, an auditorium, a shopping center, medical facilities, a hotel for guests, an 18-hole golf course, and an 8-acre lake at the site. Sixty-five percent of the area would be undeveloped green space. The entire site would be surrounded by a wall, and full-time security guards would restrict access. According to the plans, co-op homes would be available for between $15,000 and $18,000, payable with a $1,000 down payment and monthly payments thereafter of between $140 and $180. Cortese had already built Rossmoor Leisure World at Seal Beach, California, in 1961, and he was then building Leisure World Laguna Hills in Laguna Hills, California, and another Leisure World in Walnut Creek, California.

The Montgomery County Council approved the zoning amendment by a vote of 3 to 1, with 3 abstentions. The one dissenting council member was Kathryn E. Diggs, who said she was skeptical that the development would be economically successful. Local citizen groups opposed building the development because they preferred the area to remain zoned for low-density development. The Council had been planning to extend Connecticut Avenue through the area, but the Council put that action on hold because of the proposed development. Within a few months, Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission approved 28,000 feet of water and sewer lines for the development. The architecture firm of Collins & Kronstadt designed the housing units and the community buildings. Thurman D. Donavan designed the landscaping, which received an award by the industrial landscaping committee of the American Association of Nurserymen in November 1966. A large rotating globe was installed at the front gate.

Leisure World’s sales office and model homes opened in August 1965; Loy Sigmon was the interior designer of the original seven model homes. J. Robert Conybeare served as general sales manager, and Angus T. Johnson was named the first administrator of the community.

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