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Discover Your Home’s True Worth

If you’re looking to find out the real value of your home in North Laurel, MD, Appraise EZ is your reliable partner. We’re all about providing precise, trustworthy appraisals that help you understand what your property in North Laurel, MD is really worth. Our experts know the local market inside out, and they bring this knowledge to every job.

When we do an appraisal, it’s not just about a quick look around your house. We dig deep, examining every aspect of your property to make sure our valuation is spot-on. This means we’ll talk about what you need, take a careful look at your home, and use our top-notch tools to give you a number you can count on.

Your trust is important to us, and we’re here to show you why homeowners in Howard County choose us. Have questions? Need clarity? Just call us at 410-988-2259. We’re ready to talk through the process with you, step by step.

Exact Values: Trust in the accuracy of Appraise EZ’s appraisals, backed by expertise and local market knowledge.

Insightful Local Analysis: Our appraisers provide valuations that reflect Howard County’s unique property landscape.

Ongoing Support: At Appraise EZ, we’re with you every step of the way, offering consistent, professional guidance.
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Appraisals Tailored to Your Home

Every home in Howard County is different. That’s why at Appraise EZ, we don’t just offer cookie-cutter service. We get that your home is unique, and we treat it that way. Whether your place has historical charm, modern upgrades, or sits in a sought-after neighborhood, we take it all into account.

We’re all about giving you a tailored service that reflects the true nature of your home. Our team looks at what sets your property apart and values it accordingly, giving you a detailed report that really means something. With Appraise EZ, you’re not just getting numbers. You’re getting a true reflection of what your property is worth.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to our clients in North Laurel, MD. When you reach out to us at 410-988-2259, you’re connecting with experts who care about getting it right for you. Count on Appraise EZ to provide appraisals that truly reflect your home’s individuality and value.

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In-Depth Appraisal Reports for Informed Decisions

When we say we offer comprehensive appraisal reports at Appraise EZ, we mean it. We’re talking about in-depth analysis, packed with insights that help you make smart decisions about your property in North Laurel, MD. We don’t just assess; we give you a full picture.

Our reports are thorough. They look at the big picture and the small details, from the current market trends to the specifics that make your home unique. We believe in giving you all the information you need to be clear on what your property is worth.

At Appraise EZ, we’re dedicated to clarity and accuracy. Our reports are designed to be easy to understand and useful for whatever you need, whether that’s selling your home, refinancing, or just knowing your investment’s value. We’ve got the knowledge, and we’re here to share it with you.

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The edge of the Arundel Formation underlies the North Laurel area. The astrodon, a herbivorous sauropod, was present about 112 million years ago. Prior to 10,700 B.C. North Laurel was a spruce forest evolving into a boreal forest occupied by mammals ranging from mastodon to sloth. By 3000 B.C. the vegetation was similar to modern plant life. Humans have lived along the Patuxent River since at least 6500 B.C. By the time of European contact, the lands in the region were occupied by various tribes of Algonquin speaking Native Americans.

The Patuxent River was first named (“Pawtuxunt”) on the detailed map resulting from the 1608 voyage upriver by Jamestown settler John Smith. The early English settlers progressively explored further northward from the mouth of the river, eventually reaching the area that is now North Laurel. In the 1620s the Susquehannocks pushed the Piscataway tribes out to the southeast to reduce competition occupying the area as far south as the Potomac River. The Susquehannocks were well armed hunters and profited from beaver trading with the English. By 1632 Lord Baltimore had claimed title to issue land grants in Maryland through Charles I of England. In 1652, the Susquehannocks made a treaty with Marylanders to keep trade flowing and receive arms to use against the Iroquois to the north. By 1675, efforts were underway to eliminate the Susquehannocks from the region.

The North Laurel region was surveyed into land grants with colorful names in the mid-1700s. The largest grant was Warfield’s Range, followed by Wincopion Neck. Smaller grants in the area include (from north to south) The Addition, Ridgley’s Neck, Bare Hills, Poplar Range, Grover’s Lot, Poplar Bottom, Holland’s Chance, Snowden’s Intent, Clark’s Walks, Snowden’s New Birmingham, Brother’s Partnership, Warfields Neglect, Sappington’s Sweep, Nellsons Rainbow, Lasswells Hopewell, and Davis’s Hills. The oldest structure in Howard County was situated on Warfield’s Range. The log cabin built in 1696 was moved to Elkridge to accommodate a Newburn development, and was destroyed by arson. The post road from Washington to Baltimore was constructed in 1740, which ran along its eastern boundary. Used by George Washington regularly, the road would remain the principle route between Baltimore and Washington for 200 years.

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